About Us

Today narratology supplies the common site for narrative theorists from different disciplines and provides a link between the social sciences and the humanities. Narratological tools are used to study narratives across a range of media, to bring insights to complex, sophisticated forms of contemporary culture, and to explain human development and behaviour in general. The narrAUS network is aiming toward achieving the following targets:


  • To establish a high profile Australia and Asia-Pacific Narratology Network—narrAUS—through an online presence which promotes the narratological research flourishing in this region and which brings synergy to already established contacts.
  • To develop international communication and dialogue with Asian, European, and American partners.
  • To contribute to the development of quality research informed by scientific knowledge and expertise, through collaboratively-developed cross disciplinary funded research opportunities.
  • To support research training by mobilising researchers and doctoral students with an interest in narratology.
  • To promote interdisciplinary knowledge transfer through conference panel and publication proposals.