Narrative Works


“Narrative Works: Issues, Investigations and Interventions”

Narrative Works is an online, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal developed by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Narrative at St.Thomas University. Narrative Works is a venue for disseminating scholarly work related to narrative that does not fit neatly within established disciplines, publishing work by theorists, researchers, and practitioners working on a wide spectrum of topics that cut across conventional academic boundaries.

The full call for papers is available here.

Submission Guidelines

Disciplines from which manuscripts for Narrative Works are invited include, but are not limited to, psychology, sociology, anthropology, gerontology, literary studies, gender studies, cultural studies, religious studies, social work, education, healthcare, ethics, theology, and the arts. Articles appearing in Narrative Works may concern a range of contexts, topics, and themes; employ a variety of approaches and methodologies; and represent individual or collaborative work by theorists, researchers, or practitioners. Whatever the discipline or approach, however, the submissions should explore in some way the narrative complexity of human life, display a sufficient theoretical foundation, and reflect a good grasp of recent and relevant narrative scholarship. They should be clearly, correctly, and engagingly written, and should be accessible to readers who are not specialists in the writer’s discipline.

  • 1. It is understood that your article has not been previously published, nor is it being considered by another journal.
  • 2. Your article should be written clearly in English and normally be between 4000 and 6000 words in length, excluding references.
  • 3. It should conform to APA style (6th ed.).
  • 4. It should be preceded by a 100-word abstract.
  • 5. Your name(s), full contact information, and a 100-word biographical statement (for each author) should appear on the title page, but all identifying information should be removed from the body of the article.
  • 6. Your submission should be sent to as an attached .rtf file.
  • 7. Questions not addressed on this page should be sent to

Peer Review Process

Articles submitted for publication in Narrative Works will be sent (with all identifying information removed) to at least two reviewers with appropriate expertise. Reviewers will recommend that the article be published, published with specific revisions, or not published. Authors will be sent a copy of the reviewers’ comments (with all identifying information removed).

Editorial Board:

Andrew Achenbaum, PhD (History), University of Houston, US

Molly Andrews, PhD (Sociology), University of East London, UK

Robert Atkinson, PhD (Human Development), University of Southern Maine, US

Clive Baldwin, PhD (Social Work), Canada Research Chair in Narrative Studies, St. Thomas University, CA

Ernst Bohlmeijer, PhD (Psychology), University of Twente, NL

Catrina Brown, PhD (Social Work), Dalhousie University, CA

Jean Clandinin, PhD (Education), University of Alberta, CA

Bertram Cohler, PhD (Psychology), University of Chicago, US

David Epston, MA (Social Work), Family Therapy Center, NZ

Dolores Furlong, PhD (Nursing), University of New Brunswick, CA

Frits de Lange, PhD (Ethics), Protestant Theological University, NL

Kate de Medeiros, PhD (Gerontology), University of Maryland & Johns Hopkins University, US

Mark Freeman, PhD (Psychology), College of the Holy Cross, US

Kenneth Gergen, PhD (Psychology), Swarthmore College, US

Mary Gergen, PhD (Psychology), Emeritas, Pennsylvania State University, US

Matti Hyvärinen, PhD (Sociology/Social Psychology), University of Tampere, FI

Ruthellen Josselson, PhD (Psychology), Fielding Graduate University, US

Irene Karpiak, PhD (Education), University of Oklahoma, US

Gary Kenyon, PhD (Gerontology), St.Thomas University, CA

David Kuhl, MD, PhD (Medicine), University of British Columbia, CA

Michelle Lafrance, PhD (Psychology), St.Thomas University, CA

Amia Lieblich, PhD (Psychology), Hebrew University, IL

Stephan Marks, PhD (Political Science, Psychology, History), University of Education, DE

Suzanne McKenzie-Mohr, PhD (Social Work), St.Thomas University, CA

Cassandra Phoenix, PhD (Sport & Exercise), European Centre for Environment and Human Health, UK

Ruth Ray, PhD (Communications/Gerontology), Wayne State University, US

Marsha Rossiter, PhD (Education), University of Wisconsin, US

Brian Schiff, PhD (Psychology), American University of Paris, FR

Brett Smith, PhD (Sport & Exercise), Loughborough University, UK

Linda Turner, PhD (Social Work), University of New England, AU

Kathleen Woodward, PhD (English), University of Washington, US

Anne Wyatt-Brown, PhD (Linguistics), University of Florida, US