“Periodising Postmodernism, or, Beginnings and Endings”

“Periodising Postmodernism, or, Beginnings and Endings”

Brian McHale

Distinguished Professor of English, Ohio State University

Thursday, 11 June, 2015
6.30pm – 7.30pm


When did postmodernism begin? The consensus seems to be that it emerged over the course of the “long sixties”; let’s say, for the sake of the thought experiment, that its onset dates from 1966, a year in which avant-garde tendencies converged, mingled and crosspollinated with developments in popular culture, to explosive effect.
When did it end? Not in the years 1989-1993, despite the epochal geopolitical events of that period. Postmodernism seemed, if anything, to come into its own in the nineties. Let’s say, instead, “on or about September 11, 2001″ – an endpoint no more fictitious (but no less so) than selecting 1966 as postmodernism’s onset.

Professor Brian McHale is Distinguished Professor of English at the Ohio State University and a co-founder of Ohio State’s Project Narrative. He is the author of Postmodernist Fiction (1987), Constructing Postmodernism (1992), and The Obligation toward the Difficult Whole (2004), as well as articles on narrative theory and modernist and postmodernist poetics. He has co-edited five volumes, including the forthcoming Cambridge History of Postmodern Literature. His Cambridge Introduction to Postmodernism is due out later this year.

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